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Proudcts - Speculums

Wire Speculum

With 13.5mm long blades, 52mm long

Lieberman Speculum, V-shaped Wire

The V-shaped wire blades are designed to help the surgeon retain the drape under the eye lids, 65mm long

Slade LASIK Wire Speculum

Specifically designed for maximum exposure of the globe and to accommodate suction ring for efficient operation of the keratome, 65mm long

Lindstrom-chu Aspirating Speculum

Designed to prevent excess pooling of balanced salt solution from eye lid margins through continuous aspiration. Unique reversible speculum allowing the surgeon to pivot the device to rest nasally or temporally, 65mm long

Lieberman Speculum, K-shaped wire

Adjustable wire speculum with 14.5mm open blades. With shaft angled 45°, 65mm long